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tessa and scott were in toronto give a talk to local youth. they spoke about the starting years, the sacrifice and the lessons learned. if they were going to sacrifice friends and family, then they had to make it count, right? they then took us through vancouver, the overtraining injury and then sochi. they still insist that they were happy, even though they won silver. it was simple and would be inspiring for youth. "someone is going to do it, someone is going to win the olympics. why not you?"


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tessa and scott on stage
tessa and scott on stage
fan with scott
fan with tessa
tessa before the event
tessa with tedx sign
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scott and tessa with group
scott with girl
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scott with group
tessa with girl
tessa with group
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rolling stones

"Sometimes I feel I’m going nowhere, sometimes I’m sure I never will. She said it’s ‘cos I’m always moving. I never notice ‘cos I never stand still."

Montage by Tessa Scott
Song by Passenger

game on!

screengrab from introduction

In this interview with Game On!, Tessa and Scott talk about whether or not they're retired. They say they're taking a year off, but they don't know. It's certainly odd not to be competing because they're so used to it. Scott watches some of the skating but Tessa doesn't. They also speak about their job as emcees of Gold Medal Plates on November 12, an organization that helps to fund Own The Podium, which in turn helped to fund Tessa and Scott. They hadn't been to one before so it was daunting to then host it, but they enjoyed themselves and the food, which featured the best restaurants from that area.

Tessa and Scott then were asked about being the greatest skaters in Canadian history. "It's high praise. I'm not sure it's true." Tessa said they're not far enough removed to really have that title. They come from a big country of figure skating greats. "Imagine where Tessa would be if I didn't hold her down?" quipped Scott. "Hopefully there'll be kids who will blow us out of the water".

They were also asked to reflect on the Vancouver Olympics. "When we look at photos, it takes us right back there," said Scott. "Even though it felt like we were kids at 20 and 22. At the same time, it was a special moment, seeing the whole country come together for the games."

About Sochi, "Sochi was a dream, from beginning and end. I think people are surprized to hear that," offered Tessa. "Going in, we're healthy, four years older. We knew what to expect from an Olympic games. We were closer with our fellow Canadian athletes. Then we had our best performances. There really wasn't much more we could have asked for. We got off the ice feeling almost better than we did in Vancouver. It was just magically. Of course, we were disappointed with our silver, but we weren't disappointed with our skates. The reactions of happiness and joy are genuine."

They then were brought back to the time they started dating at 7 and 9, and Scott broke up with Tessa over the phone. "Two days later we were at the rink, skating and still not talking to each other."

And the goose. The goose made it into the lexicon like the axel and flip. The eagle and goose story comes out again, with eagle being the original American term for the lift and the goose being the Canadian version of the name.

About being in London, they can fly under the radar.


Interview with Game On! (starts 13:40)
Game On! (via Youtube)

skate canada 2014

photo courtesy of ice princess

tessa and scott attended skate canada 2014, but not as competitors. they went in the capacity of commentators and fans. below, you'll see clips of their commentaries and interviews as well as photos.

it was fun to see tessa and scott back at skate canada. you can tell that they loved the opportunity and made the most of it, but after brian williams called them retired, they clarified the issue. they've decided to take the year off of competing. after 17 years, it was a good chance for them to step back, re-evaluate and try new things.

in these clips, tessa and scott share interesting memories. in the "inner sanctum" clip, tessa recalls what it's like to get stared down and have everyone talk about you, but in another language. scott shared how tense it became in the locker room as the week went on. they also spoke about the importance of the crowd when they're having a good skate or a bad one, in "importance of the audience". the relationship between fan and performer is about reciporcity. if you're not having a good skate, they bring you back on your feet and keep you going. if you are having a good skate and there's a minute left, and you're exhausted, you need that boost to the end. if it's amazing, you feel the build up to the end. they even brought us into their pre skate rituals. they're either revving up or calming down. they're also adjusting to the bright tv lights and connecting with each other.


waiting to start
a skater's inner sanctum
flower retrievers
kiss and cry
importance of the audience


discussing dance with brian williams
second interview with brian williams
waiting to start
a skater's inner sanctum
flower retrievers
the score monitor


group shot
with fans
scott with a fan
tessa and scott with another commentator
tessa and scott with a fan
tessa and scott with flower retrievers
tessa and scott with flower retrievers
scott and tessa with crew


tessa and scott enjoy skate canada in new roles (skate canada)
tessa and scott join ctv and tsn's live coverage of skate canada (tsn)
tessa and scott had thought they'd like to retire (canadian press)


thanks to ice princess for finding these photos

“For me, we've always said and I've always said, it's a feeling. You need to have that passion. Once I didn't feel it was quite as strong, that it would be it for me. ... I'm hoping it comes back, but what's drawing us back is being on the Canadian Olympic team. ... It's just the biggest honour as an athlete. It'd be tough to turn the opportunity down but you never know where life is going to take you. 
scott answering the question of what will determine whether or not they come back

Virtue and Moir announce plans for 2014-2015 season

OTTAWA, ON: Canada’s most decorated ice dance team, Tessa Virtue, 25, London, Ont. and Scott Moir, 27, Ilderton, Ont. have decided not to compete during the upcoming skating season. The 2010 Olympic champions and double 2014 Olympic silver medalists are not ruling out future competitions, but plan to sit out this season.

They will still be seen on the ice, as they have plans to perform in several ice shows over the coming months. Tessa and Scott are looking forward to performing in Art On Ice in Switzerland this winter, as well as Stars on Ice this spring in Canada.

The two are anxious to work with different choreographers and create new show programs. “It will be really exciting to push ourselves in new directions, and have more creative freedom with these show programs,” said Moir. “We love competing, but the opportunity to work outside the confines of the competitive rules is really refreshing and should add a new dimension to our skating.”

They are still members of Skate Canada’s 2014-2015 National Team and enjoyed attending the recent High Performance Camp as spectators, watching their teammates run through their programs. “After watching free dances at the High Performance Camp, we feel confident that Canada is in a good place this season and can’t wait to watch our teammates flourish. We want to do everything we can to stay connected to the team and ensure our support and encouragement is felt,” said Virtue.

Although eligible, they have declined their funding available from Sport Canada and Own the Podium, thereby allowing several other athletes to benefit.

Virtue and Moir hosted their second annual charity golf tournament during the summer, and enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a number of other charity events and corporate activities. In addition to their skating commitments, they also have individual plans they hope to pursue in the months to come.

source: skate canada


Virtue and Moir Take a Break from Competition (Blackburn News)
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