"In coming back, we’re approaching everything so differently. We have sort of a fresher perspective. The most difficult and surprising part is learning to manage the pressure and the stress again. We’re trying to improve every single day in practice and in competition. We’re just so excited with the process. We love our team in Montreal, both on and off the ice. So far, it’s been very thrilling and rewarding.” 
tessa, afterr free dance

nhk trophy - gala

featured: sorry with prince encore copy 1


"It feels great to be back, we're excited to build on this momentum as we head into Grand Prix Final. Tessa and I always have been a team that doesn't really pay attention to the points. It is kind of great to hear that you got a world record score, but it doesn't really mean very much. For us, the focus is just on our skating and just being in the mix again.” 
scott, afterr free dance

nhk trophy - free dance

featured: free dance copy 1 

free dance

free dance copy 1 (vimeo - no commentary)
free dance copy 2 (vimeo - no commentary)
free dance copy 3 (vimeo - cbc commentary)
free dance copy 3 (cbc - no commentary)
free dance copy 4 (dailymotion - no commentary)
free dance copy 5 (dailymotion - no commentary)
free dance copy 6 (dailymotion - no commentary)
free dance copy 7 (dailymotion - commentary)
free dance copy 8 (dialymotion - commentary)
free dance copy 9 (vimeo - italian commentary)


post free dance
post free dance copy 2

warm up

pre-free dance


Virtue, Moir take gold with world-record result at NHK Trophy (cbc)
Virtue and Moir back on top with new record scores (golden skate)
Virtue, Moir triumph on major stage once again (icenetwork)
Virtue and Moir win gold medal at NHK Trophy (skate canada)
Virtue/Moir (CAN) dance off with NHK Trophy gold (isu)
The Skating Lesson: NHK with Sandra Bezic (4:45)

medal ceremony



isu site


ice princess provided a translation of the italian commentary for the free dance here

"Tessa and I are very pleased with our skate today. It felt pretty similar to what we've been done in training at home. We had some work to do to bring our levels up and it was nice to get a couple of Level 4's. We'll continue to work technically." 
scott, following the short dance

nhk trophy - short dance

featured: short dance copy 4 (youtube - no commentary)

short dance

short dance copy 1 (youtube - no commentary, a bit of them getting ready)
short dance copy 2 (youtube - cbc, but not cbc commentary)
short dance copy 3 (youtube - no commentary)
short dance copy 4 (youtube - no commentary)
short dance copy 5 (youtube - commentary)
short dance copy 6 (dailymotion - no commentary)
short dance copy 7 (youtube - no commentary)
short dance copy 7 (youtube - commentary)


Duhamel, Radford golden while Virtue and Moir skate to world record (cbc sports)
Hanyu clinches gold on home ice as Canadian duo set world record at NHK Trophy (inside the games)
Icenetwork article


isu site

TSL's Interview with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

"Don't do a trilogy."
- Dave

TSL's Interview with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

1 hour 16 minute interview with dave from the skating lesson

so what's in it? questions about:

- what it's like to come back (e.g. how exhausted were you to start?)
- training in canton (e.g. what's the biggest challenge when you first arrived: being around americans or being trained by russians)
- training with meryl and charlie and tanith and ben
- moving to canton and how it compares to montreal
- how they look up to marie-france and patrice (e.g. tessa articulated some of the lessons they taught them)
- what igor and marina brought to their skating (e.g. what igor brought to their early training)
- tessa's compartmental syndrome and how she fixed it (e.g. 14 hour training days before she got the overtraining injury)
- a talk through regarding each program, starting their senior debut (umbrellas, funny face, carmen, mahler the seasons, etc.) don't do a trilogy is a joke about the seasons being a sequel for mahler and it kind of falling flat (53:00). there also was a joke about whether they actually like watching their older skates. "we need a 4 year buffer - tessa" "still no - scott" "you're right -tessa"
- lots of talk about the 2010 and 2014 olympics (e.g. skating twice at 2014 olympics and being 10 pts behind meryl and charlie after the team event); "we watched tapes of brian say that he lost the gold and never won the silver and didn't want that to be us"
- them responding to different scandals (e.g. score fixing at the 2014 olympic games)
- they answer what it's like to be legends
- how they interacted with marina post-2014 olympics
- how montreal compares with canton (training with the best)
- how tessa and scott and their coaches did the announcement behind the scenes (e.g. i'm sure the word got out when we started practising the midnight blues - scott)
- how they trained for this season while the other teams were still training for worlds
- the rivalry in canadian ice dance now, especially weaver and poje's reaction on tour
- do they watch others on the grand prix, especially weaver and poje's skates?
- fun questions (can tessa name scott's family members who skate? can scott name tessa's favourite audrey hepburn movie? how many freakouts will they have? why can't scott propose at the end of worlds?)


this list is in vaguely in chronological order

"New season. New style. New Coaches. Same golden sparkle. 2010 Olympic champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir made a golden return to the grand prix series, out-stepping a deep field on their way to victory. The same drive and meticulousness still burns brightly after two seasons out" 
golden skate article

skate canada - exhibition

highlighted: skate canada exhibition copy 4

skate canada exhibition (youtube)
skate canada exhibition copy 1 (youtube)
skate canada exhibition copy 2 (british esp, youtube)
skate canada exhibition copy 3 (youtube)
finale part 2 (fan cam) (dailymotion)
skate canada exhibition copy 4 (youtube)


Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir - Sorry - Gala rehearsals (youtube)


pre-skate (youtube)
practising goose (youtube)
scott ... water (youtube)

“We always say that we’re perfectionists, but for Tessa and I, it’s all about the moment, creating the moment. Coming back here, we realize how special it is to have moments like this in our home country and with such great fans, and we want to capitalize on that. It just wasn’t quite the feeling we were looking for, but we’re still happy with the skate.” 
scott speaking to the press after skate canada free dance

skate canada - free dance

highlighted: Free dance copy 1

Free dance

Free dance (dailymotion)
Free dance copy 1 (vimeo)
Free dance copy 2 (dailymotion)
Free dance copy 3 (dailymoition)
Free dance copy 4 (vimeo)
Free dance - British Eurosport commentary (Dailymotion)


Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir / Backstage FD/ Skate Canada Int. 2016 (youtube)
Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir // Fluff + Warm up/ TSN. Skate Canada Int. 2016 (youtube)
Fluff (youtube)
Warm up and fluff (youtube)


SCI 16 Morning Practice Tessa and Scott (Day 3) (youtube)
Saturday practice (vimeo)
Thursday practice free dance run through (vimeo)

Medal Ceremony

video (youtube)
video (vimeo)
fan cam (youtube)


ISU site for Skate Canada


Virtue, Moir win gold; Chock, Bates win night (Icenetwork)
Virtue and Moir “thrilled to be among the mix” (Golden Skate)
Olympics champs Virtue, Moir on top at Skate Canada (CBC)
Virtue and Moir know they're making comeback during competitive times (Toronto Sun)
This and That: 2016 Skate Canada with Kimmie Meissner (TSL at 33:02 mins)


Virtue Moir Skate Canada 2016 FD Interview 1 (youtube)
Virtue Moir Skate Canada 2016 FD Interview 2 (youtube)


youtube is blocking the audio of the free dance so i'm not going to link it

"That was the kind of energy we missed, to be honest. It's a big reason why we came back, we want that pressure. The feeling out there today was right where we wanted it to be. We were really together, the fans were electric for us and that was truly a special moment." 
scott speaking to the press after skate canada short dance