“For me, we've always said and I've always said, it's a feeling. You need to have that passion. Once I didn't feel it was quite as strong, that it would be it for me. ... I'm hoping it comes back, but what's drawing us back is being on the Canadian Olympic team. ... It's just the biggest honour as an athlete. It'd be tough to turn the opportunity down but you never know where life is going to take you. 
scott answering the question of what will determine whether or not they come back

Virtue and Moir announce plans for 2014-2015 season

OTTAWA, ON: Canada’s most decorated ice dance team, Tessa Virtue, 25, London, Ont. and Scott Moir, 27, Ilderton, Ont. have decided not to compete during the upcoming skating season. The 2010 Olympic champions and double 2014 Olympic silver medalists are not ruling out future competitions, but plan to sit out this season.

They will still be seen on the ice, as they have plans to perform in several ice shows over the coming months. Tessa and Scott are looking forward to performing in Art On Ice in Switzerland this winter, as well as Stars on Ice this spring in Canada.

The two are anxious to work with different choreographers and create new show programs. “It will be really exciting to push ourselves in new directions, and have more creative freedom with these show programs,” said Moir. “We love competing, but the opportunity to work outside the confines of the competitive rules is really refreshing and should add a new dimension to our skating.”

They are still members of Skate Canada’s 2014-2015 National Team and enjoyed attending the recent High Performance Camp as spectators, watching their teammates run through their programs. “After watching free dances at the High Performance Camp, we feel confident that Canada is in a good place this season and can’t wait to watch our teammates flourish. We want to do everything we can to stay connected to the team and ensure our support and encouragement is felt,” said Virtue.

Although eligible, they have declined their funding available from Sport Canada and Own the Podium, thereby allowing several other athletes to benefit.

Virtue and Moir hosted their second annual charity golf tournament during the summer, and enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a number of other charity events and corporate activities. In addition to their skating commitments, they also have individual plans they hope to pursue in the months to come.

source: skate canada


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"thank you so much"
thread title for tessa and scott fans on fsu during this time

sochi olympic videos: short dance

featured: individual short dance, cbc french coverage

I watched that perfection of a short dance — and when I say perfection, I mean it, because it had everything going for it — and I just knew they couldn't have done it better. I actually got a little teary at the end, thinking back to that first outing in Quebec, when I was already so excited by that dance, when it lacked the polish and the stamina. But there it was. The potential of that dance was reached, and it was even better than I had dreamed. They got their moment, and we were lucky enough to get to see it. "

meyers over at fanforum

sochi olympic videos: free dance

featured: individual free dance, cbc coverage

"that was the moment we wanted to have" 
scott after the free dance

"it’s a relief to perform it so well. it's nice to end on that note." 
tessa in the mixed zone after free dance

sochi olympic videos

featured: the olympians


the olympians
sochi blender

press conference

tessa at press conference
scott at press conference
tessa and scott at press conference


twizzles in slow motion
short dance practice


post-free dance in team event
post-team event
group interview post team event
post-individual short dance
interview with french cbc post free dance
post-event press conference
post-event press conference: marina
olympic overnight
olympic primetime
interview with q (cbc)
extend q interview
pre-skate routine at q
winning silver at q

short dance

team event, cbc coverage
team event, cbc french coverage
team event, live cam
individual, cbc french coverage
individual, cbc coverage

free dance

team event, rough video
team event, cbc french coverage
team event, cbc coverage
individual, cbc french coverage
individual, cbc coverage


cbc coverage
cbc french coverage


flower ceremony
medal for team event ceremony
medal for individual event ceremony

“Ta-tap, ta-tap, ta-tap . . . then I looked back at Tessa and she was, like, you left me! So I had to hug her. Sometimes the excitement gets the best of me and I was staying in character.” Tessa, laughing: “Yeah, I didn’t get the memo on that one.” 
tessa and scott, referring to the post short dance, celebratory dance

sochi olympic news

post short dance

excerpt — “To be honest I’ve been twiddling my thumbs,” said Moir. “I didn’t think six days could last any longer than they did. This morning I woke up with a big smile on my face. It’s funny because we’re living the dream right now. We’re in the Olympic village and I was miserable. I just wanted my chance. I wanted to be out there and be on the stage and then do that.”

For her part, Virtue had taken a moment after practice earlier in the day to visualize how she wanted to feel standing in front of the throng of reporters following their performance.

“And it’s even better,” she told them, laughing.

Visibly thrilled with their performance when they finished, Virtue said that winning a second straight gold medal isn’t the be all and end all of this Olympic experience.

“We sat in the kiss and cry and looked at each other and said it doesn’t matter because that was the moment we wanted.”

They will be looking to have one last great moment on Olympic ice on Monday in the free dance.

source: tessa and scott have their ideal short program


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