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Tessa and Scott picked Rihanna's song "Stay" as their exhibition program for the 2013 Stars on Ice tour, in addition to a modified "Carmen". Though some were baffled at the Rihanna choice, most felt like the song would be make a good exhibition in the end, even before we saw its first performance during the Stars on Ice season opener in Halifax. In fact, a few thought that it would be epic. I saw Tessa and Scott's "Stay" exhibition myself during the Stars on Ice Toronto show and I've yet to see a video that captures the full impact of this program -- the way they dance is that amazing. These are all the videos we have for this particular exhibition.

first video to rihanna's "stay"
better version of "stay"
another good version of "stay"
glowing version of "stay"

Earlier this summer, I wrote my review for the Stars on Ice 2013 show and said this about "Stay":
"in one scene, tessa jumps back and moves arms, bending it only at her elbows. yet there was such flow, such understanding of the character, the notes and the simplicity that was needed that i sat there impressed. they and jennifer swan stripped ice dance and the song to their cores and with honest and simple movements, conveyed what it's like to be vulnerable, disturbed and a moment too late when it comes to love."
You can read the rest here. You can also click here to find out what Tessa and Scott had to say about the program when I interviewed them before the Toronto show. 


Joanne Romero said...

Melanie Hoyt's IDC photos and from this gallery: are my favorite "Stay" photos. :P

misha said...

I heart this one: