classic moments: early montages

featured montage: road to gold

I love the current montages being made for Tessa and Scott, but these older versions still entertain me. First, the music selection is hilarious for some and really interesting for others. We also get to see older clips and now forgotten moments. It shows how their fans used to see them back in the day, when they were still up and coming kids who were about to go the Olympics and make it big -- and they did. They really did and we were all so proud. Anything was possible, at this point, and we now knew that they were capable of pure magic. For me, these were some of the first montages I saw for Tessa and Scott so they're of great sentimental value.

kiss the rain - 2010
i'm only me when i'm with you - 2010
road to gold - 2010
i wanna hold your hand - 2010


- I did interview many montage makers last year. You can read those interviews here.
- thanks to joanne for recommending the "i wanna hold your hand" montage.